Clone your favorite shirt Part 2: Refashion a gently used sh...

Part 2: Refashion shirt- Clone your fave shirt

After making a pattern from a shirt that I love (see  Part  1 of this tutorial: “Clone your Favorite Shirt), it was time to choose fabric and sew. Since I don’t have much budget for shopping fabric these days, I chose a male T-shirt I made a while ago for my husband. I was not […]

Clone your favorite shirt -Part 1: Make a patt...

Make a pattern from your fave shirt and clone it!

Summer is in full swing and I am excited to (finally!) have some time to have fun sewing. I went through my closet and found one shirt that I kept as memento from when I was a lot younger and thinner. It is one of my favorite shirts. I want to make one like that but […]

Singer 401 Variations of the “Pyramid Stitch”...

Adjusting the stitch width you may get slight variations of the same decorative stitch on your Singer 401

Here is just a little note I want to make myself on how by adjusting the red lever you might get variations of the same stitch. You can play with more options. For example, the BN 5 combination produces the “Pyramid Stitch” in your Singer 401.  It is a built-in stitch so there is no need to […]

Singer 401 Decorative Stitches with Special Fashion Discs 1 through ...

Fashion Discs 1 to 5 work with the knobs in "B" and "S" for Special discs.

When it comes to working with the many decorative stitches that your Singer 401 has,  there are some combinations and setups that can deter a novice sewist from diving into it. What if you want to work with a stitch that is not included with your Singer 401? For example, what if you want to use a “Special […]

Ten basic tips to setup your Singer 401 in “decorative stitching” mo...

Setup your Singer 401 to change it to "decorative stitching" mode

If you own a Singer 401 and, like me, are ready to explore the decorative stitches your machine has,  I would like to give you a checklist of adjustments you need to make on your Singer 401 so that you can be amazed and enjoy the many possible variations of decorative stitches you get with this […]

Three Basic supplies you will need to work with decorative stitches on your Singer 401 Sewing Mach...

Basic supplies to work with decorative Stitches on Singer 401

As I feel completely ready to tackle an underutilized feature of my Singer 401 sewing machine, I found myself researching what supplies do I need to start working with decorative stitches. I found what I needed on the  embroidery supplies section at my local fabric store. Here are the very basic supplies you will need to […]

Setup your Singer 401 for perfect Straight Stitc...

Feet-Plates Singer 401

If you are new to your Singer 401 you might have noticed these cute knobs (somewhat  intimidating) with various letters.  Likewise, that mysterious red lever with numbers 1 through 5. What are these numbers for? In my Singer 401 reviews post, I lightly mentioned these parts and their basic purpose. Now, it is time to make sure […]

Brother 1034D Serger Review – Part...

Brother 1034D Best Seller domestic 2/3/4 Serger

Happy Birthday Brother 1034D Serger! As I am spring-cleaning my sewing area in a very microscopic corner of my small dwelling, I was moving around my serger to work on a project for this weekend and noticed that I kept an bill attached to my serger’s manual. Today, April 10 2015…What a coincidence! …I […]

New Look 6571- View D-Part 2 : Pattern review and final narrow chest alterati...

New Look 6571 - Top View D with alterations

On a previous post, I tested this wrap top on a muslin. Looking at the test fabric, I realized I chose a fabric that is a 4-way stretch rather than 2-way or moderate stretch knit, something critical when working with stretchy fabrics.  So I decided to use a remnant of a knit fabric that is lightweight […]

Easy Knit Girl’s Top McCall’s M6693- Vie...

McCall's 6693 Girl Knit top pattern

After adjusting to a new job and a new school schedule, by the end of the weekend I was really restless and itching for sewing. So I grabbed my bag of “pending sewing projects”. I saw a pattern I bought for my daughter, who is now a tween. I looked at my recent fabric “storage” […]

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